Are dental implants worth it? What are their pros and cons?

Dental implants are an almost permanent solution to replacing missing or broken teeth, But it should be asked, are dental implants worth it or do they last forever? Are they permanent? And, what are their pros and cons? If these are questions that cross your mind, it is important to note that nothing lasts forever. However, with proper aftercare and maintenance, dental implants can last more than 25 or even 30 years. In this topic, we will discuss these kinds of questions.

The dental implants are worth it!

Dental implants are worth it; Because one or more teeth can be replaced permanently and safely with the tooth implantation procedure. The surgeon or specialist places the implant base inside the jawbone which can remain fixed in its place for decades. After this procedure, the bone-forming cells will build bone around the implant. Finally, the implant and the jawbone will fuse over time. This process may take between three and four months (in some cases six months). In the next step, after osseointegration, the parts of the crown and veneer are placed on the base by a dental prosthodontist.

dental implants worth

This method is very easy to perform, and it allows patients to be cured of toothlessness for a long time, even for more than a few decades. In terms of price and costs, dental implants are considered the best solution that will save you from not having teeth. Although this solution is more expensive than other artificial teeth methods, because of its lifetime, it will impose a lower cost on you over a long time

Which patients are suitable for dental implants?

The tooth implant process has no specific restrictions and most patients are good candidates for it. In situations where a person loses one or more or even all of their teeth, a dental implant procedure will be suggested. These kinds of problems can be caused by tooth decay, gum disease, trauma, fracture, or accident. The dental implant acts as the root of the tooth to hold the crown. Dental implants are recommended for people in such situations.

What are the cons of dental implants?

Despite all these facts about dental implants pros and their popularity, this procedure also has some complications. The main reason for these complications is that the implantation of a substitute tooth is kind of a surgical procedure. Implant complications are generally divided into two categories:
  • Complications after dental implant surgery such as pain after surgery, sensitivity, bleeding and swelling
  • Long-term complications of the dental implant, such as the probability of the lateral tooth of the implant, the possibility of infection, sinus problems, falling of the crown and, fracture of the prosthesis
The good news is that many dental implant complications can be avoided by following the prevention tips. If you follow the recommendations of your dentist, the probability of these complications will be greatly reduced. In the first step, you should be careful in choosing an experienced implant specialist. The most important step is to leave your treatment in the hands of a good implant specialist. The role of a specialist dentist can be so important that you may not see any side effects or only experience short-term natural side effects. Your dentist must make sure that you are a good candidate for dental implants before performing the surgery. The dentist also must check the condition of your gums and jawbone and make sure that you do not suffer from certain diseases that cause the failure of the tooth implantation procedure. Gum diseases, diabetes and blood coagulation problems are among the things that interfere with the success of the dental implant process. After that, the dentist is obliged to perform the surgery process accurately and correctly so that you will never face problems such as cement remaining under the gums and so on. It is very important to use a good quality implant; The standard implant is well fused with the jawbone and has high compatibility with the human body. But if a non-standard implant is used, it may cause many complications such as rejection by the immune system and so on. You must carefully care for your implanted teeth. Implanted teeth need care just like natural teeth, and their life span can be increased with oral and dental care. Also, you should give up your bad habits that damage the health of your teeth. For example, smoking, not paying attention to dental hygiene, etc may cause infection in the dental implant. Also, an improper diet such as the use of alcoholic and carbonated drinks and even very hot and cold drinks can cause problems for teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to follow a balanced diet until your complete recovery. If you regard these things to prevent dental implant complications, Without a doubt, dental implants are worth it and can be relied on as a suitable method to have a suitable and relatively permanent tooth.

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