Can dental implants be done in one day?

The dental implant is one of the fastest and most permanent treatments for toothlessness. However, doing it in a one-day procedure has some challenges. In this article, we will answer the question: can dental implants be done in one day? Normally, performing the dental implant process requires welding and fixing the implant base with the jawbone. The process of installing the dental crown is done a few weeks or months after the installation of the implant base to complete the recovery process of the gum tissue and jawbone. However, some patients may not be able to go through the gum and jaw bone recovery process due to some special conditions and will need a quick tooth replacement. In this situation, the dental implant process will be done in one day. A one-day dental implant is a solution that can solve this problem. Using this method, people can fill their missing teeth with implants in one day.

Conditions of dental implant installation in one day

A one-day dental implant is a procedure that takes place in all stages in one session.

 dental implants be done in one day

In simpler words, all steps such as splitting the gum and jawbone, placing an abutment or base, installing a dental crown, etc. are done in one session. To perform this process, a set of conditions must be prepared so that the person can be a candidate for such an action. Conditions such as appropriate gum tissue and jawbone, absence of underlying diseases, non-smoking, absence of wisdom tooth challenges, and appropriateness of jaw muscles are important factors that must be prepared for people so that this procedure can be done for them. As long as the person has been qualified with these conditions, the one-day implant installation process can be done. During the immediate implant process, digital dental tools are used to obtain accurate information and increase the productivity of dentists. The rest of the implantation conditions are the same as the traditional methods, and of course, this method is much faster. And the gingival tissues can cope more with the procedure. These two cases have made this method a suitable option for most human teeth.

What are the benefits of one-day dental implants?

One-day dental implants will solve one of the most important challenges of traditional implants. The traditional implant is a long-term procedure. And new one-day dental implant procedure can be done in the fastest way ever. This is one of the advantages of digital dentistry compared to traditional methods. Based on this, people can get their missing teeth as fast as possible. In this method, the implanted tooth is no different from traditional implants in terms of quality and lifespan, and they can have the same benefits. During this procedure, all these steps will be done in one session:
  • Splitting gums
  • Extracting roots
  • Placing a dental implant
  • Pouring jawbone with a special powder for more strength
  • Placement of the implant base
  • Dental crown prosthesis placement
The digital implant that is used during this process miraculously increases the speed and accuracy. Performing an implant in one day requires certain conditions. Considering this issue, you should consult with your dentist before doing this procedure.

Introducing fresh socket method for one-day dental implant

The fresh socket method can be considered one of the most popular methods for one-day dental implant installation. In this method, immediately after the extraction of the teeth, the dentist places the base of the implant in the cavity of the extracted tooth, and if the conditions are ready, he also places a dental crown on it. This method has a very special elegance and requires a lot of skill. In the fresh socket implant method, before extracting the tooth, the dentist takes pictures and examines the arteries and nerve fibres of the area using digital tools such as a 3D printer or an intraoral scanner. If the conditions are ready, the dentist will extract the tooth with a special method. This method of tooth extraction causes the gum tissue to suffer the least damage and that is why the gum tissue covers the root of the implant faster. Of course, the bone tissue must also be evaluated because someone may need a bone tissue transplant. dental implants be done in one day In this way, it is called a fresh socket because the implant is placed immediately after the teeth are extracted and the cavity is created. The recovery period and the rate of infection after the carpet implant are low and generally take place during one session. It is necessary to remember that this method is not suitable for all teeth and its choice should be made by the dentist. Another method of fast dental implantation is Implant loading which requires special conditions. If the patient has been qualified for these conditions, it can cure the toothlessness problem. In this method, on the same day that the base or abutment of the implant is placed, a dental crown is made and placed on it. But in some cases, the placement of this crown may be delayed up to two weeks, which depends on the condition of the patient. Also, there will be another method by combining two other methods to do the entire tooth implant process in one day.

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