Can dental implants cause cancer?

Getting cancer is one of the issues patients usually worry about during dental implants procedure. But is this true that dental implants can cause cancer? Some patients think dental implants can cause cancer, and when visiting dentists, most of them ask whether dental implants can cause cancer. To answer this question, you should first know more about mouth cancer.

What is mouth cancer?

Oral carcinoma is a type of mouth cancer that affects the skin cells, and if not diagnosed and treated in time, it can spread throughout other parts of the body.

 Can dental implants cause cancer?

In fact, despite the reassurance of experts, patients may still have this concern about their health, because the installation procedure of a dental implant affects the cells on the surface and between the skin, and this is what worries them. makes more but it is better to reassure you that no case has been found to prove that the cause of patients suffering from oral carcinoma was dental implant placement and 90% of people who have this disease have a history of consuming alcoholic beverages and smoking.

Do dental implants cause oral carcinoma?

In answer to this question, we must say that when you lose your tooth, the most reliable way to replace the lost tooth is a dental implant. after the installation procedure has been done, dentists put the crown on it. but the fact is that the crown and implant itself not only do not cause cancer but also prevent bone loss and helps its growth. In the last few years, due to the increasing worries and concerns of oral carcinoma, many types of research and studies have been conducted in this field. The results of these researches have shown that the risk of oral cancer after dental implants is calculated to be less than 0.00017 and underlying problems and diseases, hidden oral infections and the risk of gingival erosion are the most important. dental implants are suitable for all those who have lost their teeth or have broken teeth, but if you are worried about the carcinogenicity of dental implants, we must say that the studies conducted in this case, show that implanted tooth is not related to this kind of diseases or any other type of cancer. So, feel free to go to the dentist for treatment, because not only tooth loss is very effective in beauty, but it also increases the possibility of infection and bone loss in the mouth and causes various diseases. Can dental implants cause cancer? You should Feel free to proceed with dental implant placement because there is no relationship between dental implant placement and cancer.

What is the risk of dental implants?

Although dental implants do not cause cancer, it has many risks. In fact, like other surgeries, dental implants have risks, but if you go to a skilled and experienced dentist and follow the dentist’s recommendations, you can be surer of its success after the procedure. Of course, other factors such as the density and quality of jawbone, and gum tissue also affect the success rate of the dental implant.

swelling of the gum

One of the risks of dental implant surgery is the failure of the fixture of the implant to fuse to the jawbone, which may cause gingivitis, and due to the similarity of gingivitis with oral cancer, most patients think that they are suffering from oral cancer. The fact is that this is a wrong idea!

Incidence of infection

After planting the dental implant, infections may occur in the area where it is placed, which occur in the form of swelling and wounds, which can be treated if diagnosed very soon. in these cases, antibiotics should be prescript. The occurrence of infection cannot have anything to do with cancer.

Loss of implant strength

When the implant loses its strength, it becomes loose, so it is better to visit a dentist for treatment as soon as possible. In these cases, following the dentist’s recommendations will prevent loss of implant strength.

Fracture of the tooth crown

Fractures and cracking of the tooth crown are common problems after dental implant placement, which is also one of the general risks of the dental implant. The fracture of the tooth crown can be treated by replacing or repairing the crown.


After dental implant installation, mild bleeding is one of the side effects that can be happened, which usually lasts up to a week.


Swelling occurs after implant placement; these complications usually occur the day after surgery and improve within a week.

Nerve damage

One of the complications of implant surgery is nerve damage, which is accompanied by symptoms such as numbness and pain in the chin, lips and gums.

Loss of jawbone or gum tissue

Loss of gum tissue or jawbone due to incorrect implant drilling is observed in some patients.

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