Can dental implants make you sick?

The dental implant is considered a surgery operation, and because of that, it will also have some complications that may make you sick. In this article, we will discuss the complications of dental implants that lead to sickness. Some complications of dental implantation may occur normally, which will usually be restored after a short time. For example, in the early days after the installation of the implant’s fixture, the patient may experience swelling, bleeding and pain. All of these symptoms should disappear after a short time; But if these symptoms persist for more than one week, they may need more attention and you should visit your dentist. Dental implants may make you sick for a variety of reasons. Some of these causes are related to dental malpractice and some of them may be related to other reasons such as the occurrence of sensitivity to titanium. Can dental implants make you sick? Complications such as compression of the implant’s fixture to nerves may be caused by dental malpractice. This condition occurs when the dentist attaches the fixture too deeply, causing damage to the nerve. Also, the cement remaining in the gingival tissue after the dental implant’s installation procedure causes the patient to have a bad experience due to infection and gingiva pain.  These are the complications that may occur due to dental malpractice and the negligence of the dentist. But sometimes, the special conditions of the patient lead to the disease after the installation of the dental implant.

Allergic reactions to titanium after the installation of dental implants

Some people are allergic to titanium, and this issue causes the installation of titanium implants to lead to challenges for them. In this situation, the dentist should use ceramic implants as an alternative solution. Titanium is the best and most compatible metal for dental implant placement due to its high strength, compatibility with the body and hair, durability and longevity; but sometimes there is a possibility of failure of the implant operation due to titanium allergy. These issues can be related to non-compliance with oral and dental hygiene, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc. In general, titanium has very high compatibility with body cells and the success rate of using titanium is more than 95%. After tooth extraction, a titanium-made implant is placed in the jawbone as a root alternative of the tooth and creates a stable base for the prosthesis and implant’s crown. Titanium metal is mainly used in medical clinics for dental implants because it can be easily welded to the jawbone. In case of allergic reactions to the dental implant, the implantation process has failed, and the doctor is forced to replace the titanium metal with non-metallic bases such as ceramic and zirconium oxide bases. Most of the time, the dental implant procedure is performed without any special problems or complications, but in some cases, the body shows allergic reactions to titanium and rejects it. The allergic reactions that the body may show to titanium implants include the following:
  • Urticaria and severe itching
  • Eczema
  • Breaking the implant in the jawbone
  • Swelling of gums and teeth
  • Infection and inflammation in the areas of gingival tissue around the implant
  • Pain and bleeding gums
  • Atrophy of the jawbone
Allergic reactions occur due to some kind of disorder in the immune system, so it is recommended to visit a doctor and be examined before the implantation procedure.

Can dental implants make you sick?

Ceramic implants made of zirconium oxide are the best and safest way to replace titanium implants. These kinds of implants do not cause any allergy in the body and are suitable for those who have a positive allergy test to titanium dioxide.

Do dental implants cause cancer?

In short, the answer to this question is No. Oral carcinoma is cancer that most people worry about after a dental implant procedure. Research shows that more than 95% of people who are at risk of developing this type of cancer are those who smoke or drink alcohol. Of course, with the advancement of technology, in case of early diagnosis, cancer treatment can be done successfully; But due to the unclear symptoms of this disease, and the lack of regular tests, treatment is not possible at the beginning of cancer’s development.  According to research, almost 60,000 cases of this disease are diagnosed every year. However, doctors and health professionals in regular check-ups, try to prevent the possibility of getting this cancer. They examine patients more carefully to take the necessary measures in case of diagnosis. But the good news is that the research done regarding dental implant placement shows that there has been no reported case that shows that the cause of oral carcinoma was dental implant placement. Therefore, it is a false rumour that the implant is carcinogenic.

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